…love this hat I found last summer shopping with my girlfriends - it’s chill, a little off center and just different enough to be unique

#wholeheartedchallenge, show me your style!

It’s time!!!!  The weekly Wholehearted Challenge launches today on Instagram, #wholeheartedchallenge

Living Wholehearted at Home is about bringing your whole self to show up – whatever it is you do.  Whether it’s your home, your style, your family, your conversations, your work, etc.

So the #wholeheartedchallenge is just that – a challenge to show up each week and bring your whole self.

This week, I am challenging myself and you to bring your whole self into your personal style.  Wholehearted style

·        Builds confidence

·        Inspires joy

·        Cultivates connection.

Post on your feed or in stories at least one thing you did this week to bring YOU to your style and tag #wholeheartedchallenge

Living wholeheartedly is a practice, and most often it’s the little things that move us forward.  It requires action, courage, trial and error, failure and success.  So…let’s share!

Join the community of mamas committed to practicing wholeheartedness.  Inspire each other to cultivate and celebrate our personal style, to be even better than we are today, doing what we love, in a way that is wholehearted.



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