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Eva is the founder of the boutique full-service interior design firm, Higby Design.  Known for its client-centered approach, Higby Design creates homes for modern families that are rich in character and teeming with soul.  Eva’s style is ever-evolving, but her design philosophy is the grounding element for all of her work.  She loves the “people” part of her work and uses design to tell their stories.  She believes a home is a foundational element of family and when nurtured will create lasting memories.  She has a passion for crafting spaces that are abundant in meaning, using special touches to bring her designs to life.

Eva’s road to launching Higby Design was not typical, but her experience sets Higby Design apart in its approach and style. When she was thirteen her parents built a custom home in North Carolina where she grew up, a plantation-style home on the family farm.  Her mother included her in meetings with designers, and she had a hand in selecting the homes’ finishes and furnishings.  Growing up southern, she naturally fell in love with a man from California and she became smitten with laid-back California culture.  Over the years she has cultivated her unique “South x West” style – the character and tradition of the South mixed with an effortless West Coast vibe.  She is skilled in using architectural detail and furnishings to add character to a home, coupled with fabrics and texture to create a fresh and relaxed feel. 

Eva spent almost 20 years working in product development and brand marketing in fashion and footwear.  While she loved the work, she ultimately found the joy from a new pair of shoes or a new jacket is fleeting, but the joy found from a thoughtfully designed home, that fosters the individual style and desires of her clients, can shape a family and create lasting memories.  She is skilled in identifying her client’s needs and wants, having honed the ability to listen and understand consumer needs for brands such as the Gap, Stride Rite, Keds, Nike, Levi’s and Disney.  She was responsible for identifying new trends and as a result has a trained eye for just the “right” thing. 

From a corporate career to an entrepreneur designing residential spaces, Eva is equally adept at working with corporate executives as she is with modern families.  As a working mother of four, she is inspired by the challenge of creating a stylish and soulful home that meets the demands of daily life. 

Whether a remodel for a large-scale home or a simple refresh, Eva and her team skillfully bring her clients’ stories to life.  Clients say the experience of working with Higby Design is collaborative, transparent, organized and detail-oriented.  From initial concept to installation, we rely on our custom 10-step design process and a dedicated team of contractors and vendors to make each project run smoothly.